Welcome to Austria!

The Austrian Indian Riders proudly invite you to the first "Austrian Indian Tour" . A tourlenght of 240 miles with breathtaking mountainroads and over snowframed passes, green meadows and thru shadespending woods, ridden at two days. We stay at beautiful hotels and will enjoy typical austrian food. A tour - service car will ensure that everyone returns savely and with his Indian.

Just to answer the most asked question: The Way between Lofer (End of Tour) and Bischofshofen (Start) can be easily driven by motorcycle (45mls). On the other hand, I offer a transfer with our car on sunday, to pick up trailers parked in Bischofshofen...

Village "Heiligenblut" with Mt.Großglockner


Road at the "Nockalm"

Schedule of the Tour:

Friday, Sept. 2nd 2005:  8.30 a.m., Meetingpoint at the parkingsquare of the Skijumpingstadium in Bischofshofen
9.15 a.m., Start of the "Austrian Indian Tour 2005" , Leaving the parkingsquare
distance 160mls, Radstadt, Tamsweg, Nockalmstraße, Ebene Reichenau, Bad Kleinkirchheim
Spital at the Millstättersee, Flattach, Winklern, Heiligenblut
Arrival at the Wallackhaus  at 7211ft a.s.l.
Saturday, Sept. 3rd 2005: 8.30 a.m. Good morning, breakfast! Leaving the "Wallackhouse"
distance 80mls, on the Großglockner Hochalpenstraße to "Franz Josefs Höhe" and "Edelweisspitze",
Fusch, Bruck, Zell am See, St.Johann, Lofer
Arrival at the Hotel Bräu in Lofer
Dinner at the garden of Hotel "Bräu" 
Sunday, Sept. 4th 2005: Breakfast, Time to say "good bey"..............or?


Lofer, View to Hotel "Bräu"

Welcome to Lofer

"Nockalm" Mountainroad


Requirements to man and machine:

The "Austrian Indian Tour"  is obviously planned as a ride. Without a hury and always broken by fotostops or rests we will be in the saddle most of the time. The route will mostly follow mountainroads. Up and down parts of the route will reach 12%. Important!!!: All mtorcycles have to be in perfect technically condition at the beginning of the tour, especially the brakes are very, very important. Two different brakes will be more than needed. (No Indians without front brake!)  Please take spareparts (brakepads) for your breaks with you. Also the cycle has to be fully light equiped.


Accomodation and Board:

Friday night we will stay at the "Wallackhouse"  at 7211ft above sealevel at the "Großglockner".

A garage (9x5m) will be reserved for us. Also small workshop included.

Double and Triplebedrooms, fully equiped.

Dinner with two choices for the main dish*, beverages not inc.

Mountain breakfast

Saturday night we stay at the Hotel "Bräu"  in Lofer.

Double and Triplebedrooms, fully equiped.

Three course dinner with two choices for the main dish*, beverages not inc.

Rich breakfast

*also vegetarian meal avaliable on request


Tour - Servicecar:

For the whole tour there will be a servicecar. Space for 2 motorcycles. It will be possible to transport small luggage too.

Postcard from 1936, "Edelweißspitze", 2571m

Großglockner Hochalpenstraße, 1935

Dipl.Ing.Franz Wallack architect of the "Großglockner Hochalpenstraße" with his Indian Scout 1928

The Wallackhouse, in wich we will stay one night, is named after the architect and builder of the "Großglockner Hochalpen Straße" . On the foto above, we see him with his 1928 Indian Scout at a  curve in front of "Pasterze", Mt. Grossglockner.



2 nights, as seen in discription, incl. dinner and breakfast, beverages are not included, per person

Tour - Servicecar

89,- Euro


Toll for Mountainpasses:

Toll for "Nockalmstraße" and "Großglockner Hochalpenstraße", per motorcycle

22,- Euro



The booking for the "Austrian Indian Tour 2005"  has to be made per e-mail or post mail  before August 5th 2005. From all countries within the EU, a european banktransfer is free of charge. If you have any questions feel free to write or call.



Florian Faltin

Lienfeldergasse 63A / 7

1160 Vienna - Austria

Tel.: 0043 - 676 - 613 46 26

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